Mission & Goals



The mission of MCECS is:

  • To promote Christian literacy
  • To involve the general public in events, lectures, and international travel
  • To develop an endowment for public lectures and university courses
  • To develop a center for early Christian studies at the University of Michigan that is internationally recognized as the preeminent center for the interdisciplinary study of Christian origins and antiquity
  • To support the Enoch Seminar, an international network of scholars
  • To encourage shared research related to Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins
  • To create an online newsletter


To accomplish its mission, the MCECS has the following goals:

  • To develop and present events, lectures, and international travel that promote the study of early Christianity for the general public
  • To seek support to:
    1. fund endowed Ph.D. student fellowships to study and conduct research on early Christanity
    2. award annual prizes for students studying early Christian topics
    3. fund an ongoing university lecture series on early Christianity
    4. fund endowed professorships in early Christian studies
    5. fund a research center within the University of Michigan to conduct scholarly research on early Christianity.

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  1. Please provide information on this remarkable study to me. Gwendolyn

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