The Research, Preservation and Distribution of Early Christian Culture

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The purpose of the Michigan Center for Early Christian Studies (MCECS) is to bring the study of Christian origins and Christian antiquity into the center of higher education and intellectual discourse. In particular, the MCECS vision is to promote the study of early Christianity as one of the major foundations of Western Culture.

Please browse our website to learn more about the activities of MCECS that help support the expansion of Early Christian Studies in the Department of Middle East Studies at the University of Michigan. You can examine our mission and goals, background and rationale for the Center, the opportunities we hope to take advantage of, upcoming MCECS sponsored events, and the extraordinary resources already present at the University of Michigan in early Christian studies.

If you would like to support our work, please contact us or make a donation.

Upcoming Events & Newsletter

The Michigan Center is pleased to present events in 2021-22 that again emphasize the contributions of Christianity and Christian antiquity to the foundations of Western and American Culture. Due to

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